Weekend DIY: Adding More Storage Space

Between your stuff, your hobbies, your family, and your pets, you barely have enough space for everything else you need! When extra cabinets, closets, your basement, attic, and garage are taken up with stuff, where else do you go? Having a lack of space for your things can be a truly frustrating issue. Your home can start feeling more like a cluttered prison than a relaxing escape from the rest of the world.

If you’re an avid Do-It-Yourselfer, or even just a novice at weekend projects, you can easily create some simple storage solutions to solve your overcrowded woes. Wouldn’t it be great to reclaim your garage or basement so they can be used for something other than storage? Keep reading for some great storage ideas!

1. Rolling Storage

cluttered and organized clothes

What’s better than storage on wheels? Creating rolling storage options that fit snugly under beds or couches creates form and function for your extra stuff. You can relieve your closets of blankets and pillows by crafting storage crates from some cheap hardware store wood. These can even serve as extra clothing storage or toy storage with slim drawers under your sofa. Even the most inexperienced builder can build a simple box and secure some wheels to the bottom!

2. Make Use of Magnets

If you have an overflowing spice cabinet, you’re not alone. The last thing you want to do when you’re cooking dinner is dig through a cluttered cabinet to find the spices you need. Instead of struggling to find the salt, add a few magnet strips to the inside of your cabinet – or even to the end of a row of cabinets, the fridge, or in the pantry! This magnetic storage will keep your most-used spices easily accessible and free-up cabinet space. Go father by taking this storage into the bathroom for bobby pins and hair ties!

3. Stacking Baskets

When you have more people than bathrooms in your home, you know the constant storage struggle you face. If fighting for bathroom time isn’t bad enough, you all have to have a place for your things. Linen closets and bathroom cabinets fill up quickly. To avoid cluttered counters and cabinets, think about stacking baskets. You can create shelf-like storage by securing a few dollar store baskets to the wall. Things can be stored both inside and on top of the baskets – with each family member getting their own!

4. The Ceiling Solution

Your garage might be one of the most cluttered parts of your home. Between sporting gear, toys, outdoor furniture, and more, your car might not even fit inside the garage anymore! Get a little more organized by looking up! Fastening a few wooden boards to the ceiling gives you a high storage options for chairs, fishing rods, etc. A little upward organization means more room for your cars!

5. Multi-Purpose Shoe Hanger

We’ve all seen those cheap plastic or vinyl shoe hangers that are made to go on the back of closet doors. While these are really great for shoe storage in small spaces, they work great for other things too! In apartments, they’re great for storing cleaning products that won’t fit under the sink. In a coat closet, they’re great for organizing sets of gloves, hats, and scarves. And in the bathroom, they can hold your kids’ bath toys, wash cloths, and more!

garage builders

At the end of the day, no matter how hard we try to find storage solutions, we might not always be able to solve the problem ourselves. For avid hobbyists and craftsmen, extra space is a must. When you know you need more space than a few DIY hacks can solve, consider hiring garage builders to give you the space you need. Building an external garage for your hobbies or projects can save you the storage nightmares. But if you’re not afraid of a project and need some more space, these DIY space savers can get you started!