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Preparing for Winter: Make Sure your Home is Ready

If you live in an area of the United States that experience all four seasons, you’re probably well accustomed to warm, hot, cool, and very cold weather. With each change of season and temperature, you need to be prepared. Spring cleaning, airing out the house, and getting out your outdoor furniture are all welcome warm weather chores. But when the leaves begin to fall, you have more work to do inside (and outside) of your home to prepare for cold weather.

More so than the summer months, the cold season can put a lot of strain on your home and HVAC systems. Being prepared inside and out is what helps you keep your family safe and warm when the weather outside isn’t. Let’s take a look at some simple things you should always do to prepare your home for winter!

HVAC Maintenance

hvac maintenance

After running your air conditioning all summer, you’re probably not ready to think about using your heat yet. A mild fall means you probably won’t have to use your heat for some time. But, having your heating and whole HVAC system checked before you need to turn on your heat is the most important thing you can do to prepare for winter.

A malfunctioning heating system can leave you stuck in the cold when you need it most. Even worse, malfunctioning units can give off dangerous carbon monoxide. CO (carbon monoxide) is an odorless gas that is often a by-product of broken heaters and water heaters. Inhaling CO can have toxic, even fatal, effects. Having an HVAC professional perform regular maintenance on your heating system every fall can help you avoid dangerous consequences of malfunctioning heaters. Look for a company that specializes in HVAC in Lebanon PA with routine maintenance and even 24/7 service to ensure you’re ready!

Clean Gutters

Moving outside your home, it’s vital to give your gutters once last good clean before the cold really sets in. Gutters clogged with dirt and debris can’t do their job. Run-off from melting ice and snow needs somewhere to go – dirty gutters means the water ends up all over the place. This can cause icy messes on your driveway and walkways, creating a safety issue. Even worse, overloaded gutters won’t be able to handle any extra weight from snow or ice. Cleaning them ensures you’re gutters won’t come crashing down from added weight.

home covered in snow

Do yourself a favor and clean your gutters while the weather is still mild. The last thing you want to do is get up on a ladder in freezing temperatures. Removing sticks, leaves, and general gunk from your gutters before the cold sets in makes the process smoother. Sure, cleaning your gutters is not an enjoyable chore, but it is necessary winter maintenance.


The Small Stuff

Finally, there are lots of little inexpensive things you can do to prepare your home for winter. All of these things don’t end up costing a lot upfront – but they do help you save all winter long. Once you take care of the big stuff like having your heater checked by a HVAC professional, you can make these little things easy weekend projects. Here’s a list of some other things you can do to winterize your home:

  • Seal old or drafty windows with plastic film and weather tape to keep cold air out
  • Replace air duct filters for about $10
  • Reverse ceiling fans to push warm air down
  • Install a programmable thermostat for better temperature control
  • Set temperatures lowers to save money – stay warm by using extra blankets and layers of clothing

With some regular maintenance and a few small winter hacks, you and your family can be safe and sound all winter long. Your family and your bank account will thank you!